Concussion & Vestibular

Vestibular Therapy, Concussion Recovery, & Vertigo Treatments

 Did you know? Battle River Physical Therapy brought the first program addressing vestibular problems to Camrose in 2012. We have been offering treatment for these conditions ever since, by keeping up with the latest science in this emerging area. To continue to offer the most effective solutions, our staff attends the latest American research updates regularly. This ensures that you can recover as fast as possible.

Did you know? Dizziness is the number # reason for people over 40 to visit their Physician!
Our treatment sessions can help with dizziness, balance issues, concussion symptoms, headaches, tinitis and increased sensitivity to lights/noises/movements.

What can I expect? At your initial visit, the therapist conducts an assessment of your vestibular system. This system includes the small bones of the inner ear (see diagram), the proprioceptive system, visual system and the brain where these are integrated.
Did you know? There is no one size fits all treatment for vestibular dysfunction. Treatments will vary depending on diagnosis and individual factors so treatment at Battle River Physiotherapy are customized to the individual client.

Where are good resources?

Our Clinic follows the American Vestibular disorders philosophy of care. More can be learned at

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